Monday, June 24, 2013

My Modge Podge Adventure

I'm a crafter by heart. In as much as I love quilting I also like working on applique and embroidery projects. I have tried stroke and tole painting, too! Last month I explored brooch making out of a brooch metal frame and cut fabric from my fabric scrap stash. Here's a photo:

I used a fabric with smaller prints so whatever image I choose would fit the inside diameter of the brooch. Voila! I found this cute red fabric with a flower design which I also used for my strawberry applique. Here's a photo of the strawberry:

Now back to the Mod Podge adventure...

I stopped making the brooch because the fabric I glued on the metal frame was fraying. It took me a few weeks to find out after reading a book from my recent visit at Barnes and Noble. There it was, a two-page 'how to' and it was the only solution needed so I can go back to an unfinished project. Then I asked Norman (my hubby) to drive to Hobby Lobby on our way home. Got my Mod Podge Gloss and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. 

So the journey to finishing the unfinished project went on just this weekend. Here's a photo after I applied the gloss:

Here's what it looks like when the Dimensional Magic still sets. You can see the opacity.

And now the unveiling of a project that almost hit the recycling bin....

See how glossy it is?! I had to take an angled photo so you can actually see it.
Now it's time to make more and add them on Etsy.

Thanks to Mod Podge!



  1. Hi there! I really love this idea! Where did you get your brooch blank from?

    1. Hi! Apologies for not replying soon. After three years I’m finally replying 🤭
      I got it from Ebay👍🏼